Components for your System

Measurement and Analysis Equipment

For monitoring various parameters, for example oxygen or carbon dioxide content inside the pressure chamber, we install measurement and analysis equipment.



High oxygen levels in HBO chambers lead to an increased risk of fire!

The HAUX-OXYMETER is used to monitor the oxygen content of the chamber atmosphere. If the permitted limit value is exceeded, an alarm sounds.

The measuring range is optionally 0-30% or 0-100% oxygen by volume.

The HAUX-OXYMETER can be implemented separately for each chamber compartment or can be supplied with measuring gas from the respective chamber compartment via selection valve.



The HAUX-OXYSEARCH is designed to monitor the oxygen content of ambient air in pressure chambers.

The maximum permissible oxygen content must not exceed 23%. The portable HAUX-OXYSEARCH measures the average oxygen concentration of the chamber air and indicates it on the integrated display.
Stationary oxygen monitoring is possible with the HAUX-OXYMETER.



The HAUX-TIMEMASTER provides additional monitoring of diving or medical treatment profiles.

Powered by a 1.5V coin-cell battery, the HAUX TIMEMASTER has 3 independent countdown timers. After the set time has elapsed, an audio alarm will sound for one minute. The display is divided into three fields and shows the three countdown timers or the time of day and the stopwatch.

The device records the last set countdown time of each respective timer, which can then be recalled again after the countdown has elapsed.



For the measurement of CO2 content in the chamber atmosphere, a CO2 measuring sensor is installed. The measured value is displayed on the HAUX-DECOMAT or via a separate indication device. If the permissible limit value is exceeded, an optical or acoustic alarm is output.