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HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT’s detailed knowledge of hyperbaric and hypobaric chamber systems allows us to offer a wide range of possibilities for the development of special systems. For instance, such systems can be used for research and development at universities or for simulating various altitudes for pilot training.



Czech Institute of Aviation Medicine awards HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT with contract for chamber systems for high-altitude physiology and hyperbaric medicine

After an international, open Europe-wide tender offer by the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Prague the contract for two chamber systems for high-altitude physiology and hyperbaric medicine and the corresponding structural modifications has been awarded to HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT GmbH.

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT GmbH has closed a global, long-term and strategic partnership with the Austrian company JFJ Consulting GmbH in the field of hypobaric high-altitude physiology to expand its existing hypobaric endeavors.

The goal is to continuously develop the HAUX-high-altitude chamber systems for pilot training at highest performance, quality and safety levels as well as global assistance in sales and distribution in this special field.

While the medical hyperbaric chamber system type HAUX-STARMED-QUADRO is to be used for standard medical hyperbaric treatment profiles among other things, the hypobaric chamber type HAUX-PILOTSTAR is designed to train pilots fo operation at heights of up to 35 000 feet and conduct physiological research for high altitudes.

Both systems are to be delivered and commissioned at the end of 2021.


csm HAUX TESTCOM 350 10 test chamber table top closed with manometer safety valve 500x375 e9f745cfde csm HAUX TESTCOM 300 76 test chamber US Navy 1 500x375 01 469f268950csm HAUX TESTCOM 200 20 test chamber compact manometers gas valves digital controls c123ceae60csm HAUX TESTCOM 3200 01 cylindrical hypobaric test chamber 500x375 312dcde529csm HAUX LIFE SUPPORT TESTCOM 2200 upright test chamber open control panel monitor 500x375 cf1aae9553 csm HAUX TESTCOM 62 500A hp autoclave high pressure individual parts and assembled 36a84c1021

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT is your competent partner when it comes to hyperbaric and hypobaric pressure test chambers of all sizes. The test chambers are constructed to customer specifications and outfitted with the necessary display and measuring instruments.

If desired, gas supply for the test chamber can be integrated into the respective system.

In this field as well, our clients benefit from the many years of experience and fundamental knowledge we bring to their projects.


csm HAUX TESTCOM 650 PAAR DSCN4635 m 500x375 509192f688 csm HAUX TESTCOM Daimler Benz explosion test chamber outside 96dpi daf0d650c8 csm HAUX TESTCOM Daimler Benz explosion test chamber inside1 m black d0280de41a

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT is also your competent partner for explosion pressure chambers. Our chambers are constructed to customer specifications and equipped with the necessary display and measuring instruments.

In this field as well, our clients benefit from our many years of experience and fundamental knowledge. Many HAUX projects are available as references, including with renowned chemical companies, laboratories and automotive suppliers

Let us know your specific applications and parameters, and we will gladly propose a specialized solution for you.


csm HAUX system enhancement modernization 81b78ce700 csm HAUX breathing system modernization Ostrava BEFORE c1ef32e878 csm HAUX Ostrava modernization after 500x375 8725c5e775

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT can modernize and modify existing chamber systems through the integration of the newest HAUX system components, such as:

  • HAUX-SPRAY-FOG fire fighting system
  • Stainless steel breathing gas system HAUX-OXYMASTER
  • and much more.

Our highly qualified specialists install the new system components in the system to be modified and bring it into operation.

As usual, HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT here offers you our customarily flexible and innovative service.


HAUX HYPOSTAR Pilot simulator vacuum pump oxygen

The HAUX-HYPOSTAR simulator uses a vacuum pump to create an absolute underpressure of up to 265 mbar.

Developed for pilots, it can simulate an altitude of 10 000 m. Chamber occupants can breathe pure oxygen via facemasks during the simulation.

The desired settings can be chosen with the computer control system HAUX-DECOMAT. The function of the HAUX-DECOMAT corresponds to the autopilot in aircraft or ships. It takes over the chamber pressure controls with the highest precision according to a target profile, registers the essential operating parameters and warns in the event of an operator error.


HAUX OXYSTAR 800 RADOX hyperbaric Radiotherapy 500x375

This custom made non-medical pressure chamber was designed for a research project of the university of Mainz.

The special construction of the free-standing acrylic glass cylinder enables usage together with a radiotherapy device.