Innovation, Experience, Technological Advantage

The Company

Since its founding in 1980, HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT has stood for outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality and reliability. This is proven by more than 1500 hyperbaric HAUX systems delivered worldwide. Today, with our facilities in Karlsbad-Ittersbach and Cuxhaven, Germany, we develop and manufacture state-of-the-art systems and equipment, offering tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Over the last 40 years, HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT GmbH has become the world market leader in the fields of medical, tunneling and diving technology.


HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT GmbH founded by Gerhard Haux, at this time already with 22 years of experience as chief engineer in underwater technology, including work with decompression chamber systems.

Opening of the first design office with workshop in a garage in Waldbronn.


Construction and production of the first hypobaric/hyperbaric test chamber systems HAUX-TESTCOM and the stationary diving treatment chamber HAUX-STARCOM 900. Transfer of workshop to larger facilities in nearby Ettlingen.


Design and manufacture of several HAUX-STARCOM diving treatment chambers with a diameter of up to 2000 mm.


Construction and production of the first deep-diving system HAUX-DEEPSTAR 100 for a crane ship in Russia. The system has a decompression chamber on deck and a closed diving bell.


Opening of new office building and new production facility in Karlsbad-Ittersbach.


Introduction of first CAD (Computer Aided Design) system at HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT. After only a few months all technical drawings are being made with the new system.


Development of the HAUX-MASTERWINDOW featuring wide-angle technology.


First development of computer control systems for a diving simulator for the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) in Berlin.


Design and manufacture of the world's first hyperbaric chamber with flat non-reinforced partitions.


Design and production of the first hyperbaric chamber of the HAUX-STARMED series with MedGV (Medical Devices Regulation) classification 1.


Development of the anti-glare cold-light lamp HAUX-LUXMASTER. The new design eliminates the need for an additional cooling fan.


Introduction of the redundant control module with the combination of computer, joystick and automated HAUX-STARVALVE controlling for more safety and comfort.


Introduction of the first fully functional air conditioning for chamber systems.


Construction of the new HAUX-TRAINING-CENTER HTC building with rooms for training and education, as well as a diving pool and diving simulator.


Development of the flat chamber floor for more comfort. The flat bottom also serves as a pressure transducer.


Development of a combined positive/negative pressure chamber for special hyperbaric treatments.


Introduction of a new oxygen breathing system with injector support.


Development of HAUX QUADRO technology. The HAUX-QUADRO is the world's first cubically shaped chamber with non-reinforced flat sheet technology.


Oxygen meter HAUX-OXYSEARCH introduced, utilizing specific oxygen measurement to proof the airtightness of breathing masks.


Design of a highly efficient fire extinguishing system using a combination of spray mist and water nebulizer technology.


Design and manufacture of the first HAUX-TRANSFER Chamber for use in tunneling construction.


Launch of new generation of the HAUX-MEDICAL-MONITORING SYSTEM.


HAUX Certification according to EN 46001, the new European regulations for manufacturers of medical products.


Introduction of the new HAUX STARCOM generation. The decompression chamber for divers is installed in a container and has been delivered to the Lithuanian naval force and the submarine rescue vessel of the German navy, for instance.


Development of the new medical treatment center and the diving simulator HAUX-HYDRA 2500 for pressures up to a depth of 250 m for the hospital of the Greek navy in Athens.


Development, design and construction of the world’s largest HBO treatment system HAUX-QUADRO for Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.


Development of HAUX fog and spray nozzles for the fire fighting system HAUX-SPRAY-FOG for improved extinguishing capabilities in chamber systems. The optimized HAUX-SPRAY-FOG system has been certified by Germanischer Lloyd (now DNV-GL) .


Opening of the new HAUX production hall for the construction of our chamber systems. The integrated water basin allows the testing of systems under water. Two heavy-duty rail hoists enable the transport of large chamber and deep diving systems.


Opening of the HAUX-INNOVATION-CENTER (HIC), our new center for construction, medical technology and electrical engineering, near the HAUX production hall. The development of our latest chamber systems and system components takes place here.

A chamber system integrated into the building provides opportunities for training and the testing of newly developed systems.


Construction of the new HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT Cuxhaven Facility. Standing on a green meadow, the modern production plant produces the highest quality apparatuses and pressure vessels according to the latest manufacturing methods.


Introduction of the completely redesigned HAUX-OXYSTAR series. With the new models HAUX-OXYSTAR 800, 1000 and 1200, a powerful range of single-person chambers is available that not only meets the highest medical standards but also all satisfies all comfort requirements.


Delivery of the latest generation of a diving simulator, HAUX-DIVESTAR 160 in BUFFALO design, for the diver training center of the Swedish Navy.


Delivery, installation and commissioning of the HAUX-STARMED-QUADRO 3000-2200-3,3/SC4 + 6,6/SC2 for the University Hospital Lille, France, currently the largest four-room QUADRO in Europe.


Expansion of HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT Cuxhaven with an additional production hall and warehouse.


Development, delivery and commissioning of 5 HAUX-TESTCOM 2200/10-B systems for BASF's new global testing laboratory in Ludwigshafen, Germany.


Development, delivery and commissioning of a HAUX-TESTCOM 1200-2900-B Explosion Chamber for the testing of hydrogen tanks for a major German automobile manufacturer.


Extension of the HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT Cuxhaven plant with a machine hall with state-of-the-art machinery for the cutting and machining of large parts and components of pressure vessels and apparatuses.


Development and certification of the HAUX-SYRINGE-PUMP, approved for operation under hyperbaric conditions.


HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT selected to supply diving bell system HAUX-STARCOM/HAUX-BELLSTAR for the Rhine ship Carl Straat.


Extension of the HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT Cuxhaven plant with an additional logistics building.


HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT receives the contract for the modernization of the Czech Institute of Aviation Medicine in Prague. The contract comprises the delivery of a HAUX-PILOTSTAR-3000/C-HYPO, a HAUX-STARMED-QUADRO 2700-2200/5,5 and the measures necessary for the modernization of the premises.