HAUX Fire Fighting Systems

The Optimal Components for your System

Fires inside pressure chambers are extremely rare considering how frequently they are operated. The fires that have occurred, however, have spread very rapidly.

Under hyperbaric conditions, fires are difficult to bring under control due to:

  • Higher partial oxygen pressure in the chamber atmosphere
  • The presence of higher temperatures and the resulting increase in air pressure
  • The short timespan before the onset of irreversible damage
  • Limited effectiveness of available fire fighting materials

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT has made no compromises in the design of its fire prevention systems!


HAUX SPRAY FOG fire extinguishing water tank piping pressure reducers 1 csm HAUX SPRAY FOG hbo chamber fire extinguishing pilot release valve unit manometer 5128b85bc8 csm HAUX SPRAY FOG fire extinguishing complete system installed outside HAUX STARMED 0225a93c32

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT has developed the most modern and most effective fire extinguishing system available for HBO chambers.

The HAUX-SPRAY-FOG SYSTEM combines the qualities of sprinkler and spray-fog fire fighting technology. This combination allows highly effective fire fighting with low water consumption, even at high chamber pressures, and provides optimal protection for chamber occupants by ensuring the blaze is extinguished within seconds.

The water supply for the fire fighting system is stored in a separate extinguisher tank corresponding to the size of the pressure chamber.

It is also possible to retrofit an existing chamber with the HAUX-SPRAY-FOG SYSTEM.


HAUX FIREMASTER fire extinguisher hyperbaric chambers up to 10 bar 500x375

The fire extinguisher HAUX-FIREMASTER has been developed for use in air-filled hyperbaric chambers with working pressure of up to 10 bar .

The extinguisher is DNV-GL tested and certified. It is designed for use on solid material fires (fire class A).

The working pressure of the propellant gas is 140 bar, which allows its use in up to 10 bar pressure (100 m MSW) in chambers filled with air. In a helium chamber atmosphere and with He-propellant, it can be used under higher operating pressures.

The HAUX-FIREMASTER components are:

  • Pressure tank with water, extinguishing agent additive and propellant gas (compressed air)
  • Release valve with safety pin, pressure gauge, siphon tube and hose
  • Spray nozzle with handle