Lung ventilator

Lung ventilator in operation

Lung ventilator in operation

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The lung ventilator SIARETRON 1000 IPER has been expressly designed for being used in hyperbaric chambers up to a depth of 60 mt.

It can be used on adults, children and newborns who weigh more than 3,5 Kg, adjusting the settable breathing parameters, in particular the TIDAL VOLUME / FLOW and RATE, upon the patient’s physiology.


  • Possible ventilating: IPPV, PCV, PSV, SIMV, CPAP, PEEP
  • Safety valve at the exhaling pipe
  • Breathing gas mixer (21% up to 99% oxygen)
  • Standard couplings for the patient at the lung ventilator
  • Electrical connection: Pressure resistant accumulators and/or medical electrical connection        

Technical details:

  • Application: Adults, children, newborns
  • Ventilating mode: Time controlled with constant volume
  • Pressure controlled
  • Controlled flow
  • Spontaneous breathing through integrated valve

Gas supply:

  • Compressed, medical air and oxygen with supplied pressure of 3,5 bar(+/-0,75bar) above chamber pressure.

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